CEMS performed enhanced commissioning on this 1.1 million SF Distribution Center located in Summerville, SC. This was based on LEED 3.0, which included performing a design review of the construction drawings and specifications. The enhanced commissioning agent EnCxA back-checked the review comments in the subsequent design submission.  Fundamental commissioning was done by another commissioning agent (CxA).  The EnCxA reviewed all documentation produced by the fundamental CxA, including the commissioning plan, commissioning report, pre-functional and functional tests, owner’s project requirements (OPR), and the basis of design (BOD).
The EnCxA presented all pre-functional and functional tests and reviewed all of the contractor’s submittals. The EnCxA also reviewed the operations and maintenance (O&M) manuals and verified the correct people had a copy of them. Written documentation of verification required training of operating personnel which was conducted by the contractors. The EnCxA then performed re-commissioning on the building systems within 10 months of owner occupancy, which included being involved in reviewing the operation of the building with O&M staff and occupants. A plan for resolving outstanding commissioning related issues was also included. Finally, the EnCxA filled out the LEED 3.0 enhanced commissioning template. Building achieved LEED Gold Certification.
At the time of Commissioning, the TBC Distribution Center is the World’s Largest LEED Gold Building.

South Carolina
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