CEMS Delivers Creative and Efficient Multi-discipline Solutions to Facilities and Infrastructure needs, while enhancing the quality of life for our clients, partners, and associates.


Our vision is that the team members, shareholders and clients we serve will recognize CEMS as a trusted partner providing quality design service through our collaborative spirit, innovative solutions and commitment for sustainable design.


Innovation. Collaboration. Sustainability.

Focus on Innovative Sustainable Solutions

CEMS takes on our clients’ problems as if they were our own. We develop and implement real-world solutions that are innovative, efficient, and practical. To achieve client goals, we make an enduring effort to develop an on-going awareness and understanding of the latest technological trends and concepts so client needs and expectations are given competent and professional consideration. We have extensive experience and knowledge in providing solutions through an interactive and cost-effective approach.

Experience. Integrity. Accountability.

Provide Professional and Technical Excellence

CEMS brings technical capability, disciplined project management, and quality to all of our work. Since 1989 we have dedicated our firm to the belief that clients come first. That has led us to create a business model designed to serve the needs and achieve the goal of our clients. We believe that “Clients first” stands for professionalism, trust, and commitment to excellence.

Leadership. Teamwork. Success.

Promote a Cooperative Team Environment

Our people are the real source for our advantage. We continually learn, and share ideas and knowledge from each other. We value the skills, strengths and perspectives of our clients as well as our team. We foster a participatory workplace that enables our people to get involved in making decisions about projects to help clients achieve their goals. While always fair to clients and team members, we run a growing company striving to meet industry financial performance that rewards success.

Commitment. Responsive. Quality.

Cultivate Long-Term Relationships with our Clients

The common thread running through all of our work is service to the client. We are listeners who want to participate in a team approach to each project. Our focus is on thoroughness and attention to client needs. We have many clients return to us for subsequent projects. We are proud of those repeat clients, as they indicate to us their satisfaction with our services.