CEMS provided civil, electrical, and mechanical services for design plans and specs and TITLE II Level services as the Engineer of Record on a design-build project for repairs to the airfield at NAS JRB New Orleans, LA. General grading, storm drainage, pavements, a Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWAPP) and construction services were required.

Runway repairs consisted of repairs to the asphalt shoulders, PCC runway approach pavements each side of arresting gear cable, modification to arresting system, grade unpaved shoulders adjacent to runway, runway alignment corrections and new taxiway approaches to existing aprons were also provided. Complete improvements to existing drainage pipe system to meet the requirements of the RFP for the project.

Replacement of the airfield lighting system was also required. Airfield lighting repairs consisted of renovation of the lighting vault and replacement of equipment; replacement of all airfield light fixtures; and installation of new ALSF-1 approach system, three new helipad systems, and new main conduit system.

CEMS performed over 85% of design and project management on this project in-house.

NAS JRB New Orleans
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