Renovated from a historic 1930 school, Radcliffe Manor consists of two stately three-story buildings , one original and one new, containing 63 two-bedroom apartments, large corridors, high ceilings, large windows and open breezeways reminiscent of the original structures.

Each comfortable apartment features 835 square feet and features modern amenities, resident-controlled access, private parking and a community center for social gatherings.   Design and construction of the new building met all applicable IBC wind and seismic loading and was elevated in accordance with the flood zone. Construction Phase services were provide by CEMS.

"With a definite need for quality, affordable senior housing in the area, Radcliffe Manor is a welcome addition to the community. We are extremely proud to have partnered with Jeffrey E. Smith Development, Inc. This project shows what can be achieved when you have a strong partnership with local support and a good private sector developer. " – Mayor Joseph P. Riley, Jr., Charleston, SC

Charleston, South Carolina

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