CEMS performed all A-E services necessary for this LEED Silver project.

Phase 1 – Prepared all plans and specs, including supporting design analysiscost estimates, etc., as defined by the DD Form 1391 and code 3 effort.  CEMS also conducted the planning charrette.

Phase 2 – Provided full design-bid-build documents for the 1,500 meter, six firing position/lane Multipurpose Machine Gun and Sniper Range with Stationary Infantry Targets (SITs), Moving Infantry Targets (MITs), and Stationary Armor Targets (SATs) in a tactical array with various machine guns; grenade machine guns; and sniper rifles.  The 150-acre range included: Operations and Storage Building; Instructional Building; Range Tower; Vault Latrine; Covered Messing Area; Covered Bleacher; and Ammo Break Down Building. Targets were fully automated and controlled from the range tower via fiber optic communications.  Effort included aerial (Photogrammetric) survey, and UXO Avoidance Survey Coordination.

Fort Liberty
North Carolina
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