CEMS provided full A-E design for the 49,722-SF renovation of Moran Hall South. The  renovation provided a new Automation-Aided Instructional Building for the United States Army Cyber School at Fort Gordon. This new Secure Compartmentalized Information Facility (SCIF) integrated cyberspace operations, electronic warfare, cyber electromagnetic activity, and cyber-rated signal intelligence. The project incorporated the appropriate mitigations per ICD/ICS Tech Specs 705 and Cyber Security per UFC 4-010-05. The renovation also improved the buildings functional usability for the Cyber Center of Excellence Campus (CYBERCOE) as well as update the building to be energy efficient and meet building codes. Design highlights for Moran Hall South.

The design project consisted of a Full Tier 1 and Tier 2 Seismic Evaluation Report of a 45 year old facility utilizing ASCE 41-13; architectural and interior (CID) renovation; AT/FP measures; Hygrothermal  envelope analysis (WUFI); HVAC and plumbing renovation; interior and exterior electrical renovation; fire protection design; site improvements; communications (NIPR, SIPR & JWICS); acoustical design; designed to be USGBC LEED Silver Certified; asbestos/lead paint survey; and geotechnical investigations.

The Moran Hall South Building uses an Integrated Design Approach to create a building that reduces the impacts on the environment. This is done by reducing the resources used by the building (energy, water, gas, raw materials, etc.), the waste the building generates (occupant, construction and demolition) and reduces what harmful emissions the building creates.

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